DANCE CLASSESHow to get the most out of your classes and dancing

LEVEL 1Beginner

Absolute beginner level. If you have taken none or just a few dance classes of any style, you belong to this category. We wish you a warm welcome! Dance is for everyone and welcomes everybody!
Learn how to learn
Enjoy the journey
Be patient

LEVEL 2Advanced Foundation

You have taken dance classes for a few months up to a year. You are confident with the basic steps and you can do simple combinations but have limited (or none) body movement and styling. Ladies are able to follow simpler combinations. Both partners have an understanding of rhythm and music.
Be persistent
dance with as many people as you can
Committed to regular classes

LEVEL 3Intermediate

You have a good understanding of dance & music and are gaining a greater capacity to move from one pattern to the other. MEN: You're also able to perform more turns, hand changes & directional changes with better balance and more styling. LADIES: You should be able to follow complex turn patterns comfortably and have the ability to demonstrate some interpretative footwork and body styling.
Solid knowledge of basics, transitions, simple turns, rhythm and timing, lead and follow, and travelling steps
At this level you have a well established dancers mentality and attitude.
You welcome direction and are hungry to learn and develop




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